From this small idea, we have since developed a custom reusable packaging system, under the Facet baguette™ trademark for trade show and event displays, furniture and accessories. The entire line is designed and sewn in-house at our facility in Michigan and the products have all been tested on the major trade show sites throughout North America.

Most companies in the exhibit, event and the furniture rental industry use a combination of foam, plastic shrink wrap and tape to wrap furniture and trade show properties before shipping to a show or an event. We’ve even seen trash or bin bags being used. These offer no protection and properties become easily damaged. The packing materials are tossed on the event floors and more packing materials are used to repack and are then discarded back at the warehouse.

Here at Facet, our custom made Facet baguettes™ have significantly reduced our labor and material costs. We generate almost no waste on-site and we have reduced our waste management fees at our facility to near net zero. All these savings in time and labor add up. And, as we all know, time is money. We think it’s an idea worth sharing.



Christine Ellis, Owner