EverLast Lighting is a Michigan manufacturer of custom LED lighting solutions for interior and exterior, commercial and industrial applications. Emerging as an industry leader in lighting technology and innovation, EverLast means quality and reliability. EverLast LED Lighting fixtures offer superior quality, longer life, and lower energy consumption than other lighting technologies – our specialty is High Bay LED Lighting. Interior applications include office, industrial and warehouse, large retail and exhibition halls, gymnasiums and natatoriums, cold storage and food processing, hazardous and high temperature lighting. Exterior applications include street and roadway, parking area, parking deck, auto dealership and walkway lighting. Lighting is an often overlooked – yet essential – feature of our world. For 20 years, EverLast has focused our energy to develop powerful lighting solutions that are both economic and smart. This focus defines and drives EverLast to create vibrant and imaginative solutions that brighten the world in which we live and work.



Alex Orr, VP of Sales & Marketing