Welcome to Envirolite. We are a leading provider of specialized foam products. Based in Troy, Michigan we have developed an outstanding reputation for exceptional products, with superior quality and customer service. Since its founding in 2008, Envirolite has quickly become a sought-after global provider of diverse foam-based products for a broad customer group, including the athletic, consumer product, energy, flooring, industrial, marine, medical, packaging, and recreation industries.

Envirolite was founded by Vatche Tazian, a former automotive industry executive and entrepreneur, who wanted to expand upon his technical aptitude, creativity and product development background. Envirolite has rapidly grown to having a dedicated management team with over 100 years of combined industry experience in manufacturing, sales and product development. With manufacturing operations in Coldwater, Michigan, Envirolite exclusively designs, develops, and tests its products in the United States.

Envirolite takes pride in its global strategic relationships with key material and equipment suppliers with a shared goal of developing the finest products, creating dynamic product applications and re-defining processing methods. The Company strives to achieve the most optimal results available for its customers and foster greater innovative solutions in the process. Envirolite promotes mutually-beneficial, collaborative, strategic relationships devoted to delivering the highest quality products available, at the most competitive prices.

At its core, Envirolite prides itself on fostering a thriving and dynamic environment for its employees and partners. This mission has enabled Envirolite to offer exceptional customer service, an unyielding commitment to quality and a platform to strengthen its position as the preferred provider of specialty foam products worldwide.

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Vatche Tazian, President