ELCo Enterprises, manufacturer of the Wire Wizard® product line, is recognized as the industry leader in weld wire delivery products, high performance torch products, weld cell support equipment and weld cell optimization. Since we began in 1985, we’ve prided ourselves in providing quality, innovation and top-notch customer service. The continually growing line of ELCo products includes:

  • Wire Wizard® — our world famous line of wire dispensing products
  • PowerBall® Torch Products — high performance MIG guns & consumables
  • Torch Wizard® — robotic and semi-automatic torch reaming stations and accessories
  • Wire Pilot® — weld wire feed assist products
  • Blue Magic® & Blue Chill® — anti-spatters and dispensing equipment
  • WizardGear® — robot cable management products
  • E-Z Feed® — connectors and feeder inlet guides
  • WeldCOP™ — weld cell optimization program

Our extensive global distribution network ensures that end users have quick access to individuals trained to support the Wire Wizard® product lines. Our area product representatives are an extension of our commitment to service at the end-user level. Yet another example of our commitment to service is specialized training and product information available online through our website. We want to be your #1 weld-wire dispensing equipment supplier; our team is committed to maximizing value for you through the finest quality products shipped in a timely manner at a competitive price. With over 30 years of experience working with manufacturers around the world, the Wizards are ready to tackle any welding challenge!



Edward Cooper, President