Degele Mfg. Inc. is a veteran owned company that has been in business since 1980 and specializes in the manufacturing of quality metal parts primarily for the automotive industry. Processes include metal stampings, produced either with line or progressive dies. Our stamping presses range from 40 tons all the way up to 400 tons. Our welding capabilities include projection welding as well as production Mig and Tig welding. Services include fabrication, machining, metal stampings, die design to the manufacturing of dies utilizing state of the art three-axis CNC machining mills, Surfcam CAD/CAM, and Kubotek Key Creator CAD. Degele Mfg. Inc. also has many years of experience in producing special machines such as tubular expanding and reducing, and complex projection welding and brazing fixtures. Degele Mfg. Inc. over the years has developed a reputation of supplying competitively priced products with superior quality and delivery performance.



John Degele, President