Manufacturers of Tungsten-Rhenium Thermocouple Wire and Other High Performance Alloys Concept Alloys is dedicated to the formulation and production of specialty, high-performance alloys. We specialize in tungsten-rhenium wire and nickel – chromium alloys for temperature measurement and corrosion resistance. Our depth of knowledge and expertise in field applications enable us to help solve the toughest problems: Hoskins Alloys – Your source for alloys and intellectual property developed by Hoskins Manufacturing Company Tungsten Rhenium Thermocouple Wire – we manufacture it and we stock it; we ship same day for all standard sizes Customer Quote Response – we will respond within 24 hours, helping you respond in a timely manner to your customers Sourcing Assistance – if we don’t manufacture what you need, we’ll have it made for you Technical Consulting – calling Concept Alloys saves you time because you’ll reach a knowledgeable person who can help specify a product for your application. If you don’t have experience with the specified product, we’ll assist you with details for working with the material Minimum Order – we thrive on leading edge development, so we don’t require minimum purchase quantities for most products Speed to market – we identify or develop the right solution for your New Product Development needs, saving you time/money/headaches by avoiding dead-ends Testing – we join your NPD team providing Failure Analysis & Lab Testing Diagnostic – if you don’t have a clear specification, Concept Alloys helps diagnose your real needs because we pride ourselves on delivering the right product the first time For purchasing information please contact Concept Alloys, Inc. today to help specify a product that meets your needs.

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Jon Nelson, President