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Saginaw, Michigan


Our target customer is the OEM. We don’t go around the original equipment manufacturer in order to sell to the end user (integrity is key to our business model). Over the years we have constantly reinvested in our business, bringing our debt to equity ratio to world-class status. The average age of our critical machines can be counted on one hand. We also invest in people talent through state-sponsored apprenticeship programs.

By strict definition, CIGNYS is a combination job shop and production operation. With substantial facilities in Michigan, tens of millions of dollars in materials, technology and machinery, the expertise of craftsmen and manufacturing pros to build a wide variety of products, we are more of a manufacturer’s manufacturer. As you browse our site, you’ll see evidence of our manufacturing capabilities and our dedication to the design and manufacture of components for OEMs, our core competency.

We cut our teeth on precision machining, conveyor components, tooling, prototype stamping, and ground support equipment such as jacks, axles, mobilizers, trailers, and running gear. As you can imagine, as experts in metalworking we’ve been known to tackle any project within our manufacturing capability.

We are confident that we can take on the challenges of designing and manufacturing your engineered product.


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