CHEM LINK was founded in 1990 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, as a specialty chemical supplier to the commercial roofing and construction market with a unique vision–dedicating its future to pioneering in polymer innovation that would produce adhesives and sealants able to deliver superior performance–and complete safety for all who work and live with such products. Today that idea is at the heart of a thriving company dedicated to replacing the long held status quo of solvent- and water-based products with their dangers and inefficiencies. Today CHEM LINK has justified its far reaching vision and is well established as one of the largest and most diverse producers of polyether-based sealants and adhesives in North America. CHEM LINK is an idea company, dedicated to invention, innovation and problem-solving with our customers. We envision ourselves as a Living Company, dedicated to contributing to a more sustainable future for our employees, our customers and our descendants.



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