Byers Manufacturing has been in business since 1977 and has over 12,000 square feet of manufacturing area in two facilities. As a fully integrated fabricator we have a broad range of capabilities in welding, bending metal and hole piercings. Byers specializes in custom short and long run production projects. We can provide assistance in designing a custom fabrication or produce a part from a customer supplied print. Knowledge and Strengths Our knowledge is the most important asset of our business. Without this we could not continue to grow and expand. Byers employees offer over 100 years experience in metal fabrication. By utilizing this extensive experience, we can provide customers with quality, cost effective services and products through manufacturing innovations and expertise. Departments We have complete Welding and Metal Fabrication Departments. Byers Welding Department has equipment able to cut, spot, tig and mig weld many different types of rod/bar, pipe, tubing, angle and flat stocks in stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel and many other alloys. Byers Metal Fabrication Department is able to laser cutting, shear (cut), bend, drill/tap, insert bolts/nuts/pems, bend/cut tubing and punch holes (round, square, oblong, rectangular and other configurations) in most types of steel. This department can also produce a burr free or surface finish by tumbling or machine grinding. Secondary Services By using a network of quality suppliers, Byers is able to offer secondary services such as powder coating, e-coating, wet painting, screen printing, machining and plating.



Athena Sobczak, President