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Grand Rapids, Michigan


The Brillcast Difference – Project Management from Die Cast Assembly to Integration

Brillcast has become known as a leader in zinc die castings, both precision functional and Class A decorative castings. Our modern facilities use state of the art equipment to bring our customers the best processes available.

We manage the process from product design to completion. We assign a project manager to oversee each product launch. These managers act as an extension of the customer’s company within Brillcast. They also assist in advance quality planning to ensure the success of the customer’s project. Once product launch is started, a timetable is provided to the customer. This schedule includes all critical items needed to successfully complete the project. All projects are reviewed on a weekly basis with the customer.

Brillcast also manages the finishing of our customer’s decorative project. From electro plating to powder coating or whatever finishes you might need as well as full assembly and integration, Brillcast can supply it as a “one stop supplier.” As more and more companies reduce their supplier base, the suppliers remaining take on greater responsibilities. Brillcast is no exception.


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