Brighton NC Machine (BNC) is a full Tier 1 supplier of machined castings and assemblies. We are a family-owned single-site facility that was founded 50 years ago in 1965. At that time, we were one of the first privately held US companies to own an NC machine, the forerunner to today’s CNC machines. With one of the first NC lathes for hire in the country, by definition, we started as a technology company. Today, BNC manages a diverse global supply base with a modern MRP system that directly links our customer releases and shop floor scheduling. Our current capabilities include: Milling – up to 84” Turning – up to 45” diameter and 18’ between centers Grind – Rotary surface, CNC OD/ID, Centerless OD Additionally we perform assembly, leak testing, balance and thread forming Our machining and finishing centers include: CNC HMC’s: 40 CNC VMC’s: 5 CNC Lathes: 22 CNC Grind: 3 Centerless Grind: 4 We are located in Brighton MI and employ nearly 200 people.

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Kevin Alder, CEO & General Manager