With more than 30 years of machine building and manufacturing experience, Barnett Manufacturing Co. has the expertise and resources to support our customers. At its heart, the company solves problems revolving around fixturing, linear motion, and transfer of customer products during the manufacturing process. Many of its current products began as a custom solution for a customer which were transformed to fit a wider customer base. In fact, Barnett Manufacturing still designs and builds custom machines and application for industries ranging from panel processing, transportation, to automotive.

Barnett Manufacturing focuses all its efforts on serving its customers and offering products and services that stand the test of time. Whether it is prepping a customer’s fixture by sandblasting, welding a new bracket on a machine base, or retrofitting a machine to increase its output, Barnett Manufacturing will get it done. Contact us today and discuss your next project with our team! Let us show you how we can bring our team and hands-on capabilities together to solve your current challenge.



Sam Nichols, Sales & Marketing Manager


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