Michigan-based AIM Computer Solutions, Inc. provides business software for manufacturers. We are committed to providing high quality cost effective solutions to assist our customers in maximizing their productivity and profitability. AIM delivers AIM Vision®, an ERP software package for repetitive and contract manufacturers. AIM Vision® meets the lean manufacturing needs of repetitive manufacturers, like automotive production part suppliers, and features EDI integration into production scheduling complete with demand smoothing. Demands are used to generate MRP/CRP reports, fully synchronized for supply chain planning. In addition, AIM Vision® meets MMOG/TS16949 requirements. Other featured capabilities include outside processing, lot-control, finite scheduling, digital scheduling whiteboard, repetitive warehouse management system functions, two-levels of tool/workstation scheduling logic, AIAG barcode labels, real time alerts, mobile apps, and significant use of operator friendly editing and validation aids. Additionally, AIM provides a global ERP platform and enterprise applications from Epicor®. Epicor ERP 10 is suited for manufacturing companies who require a multinational solution with extensive localization, integrated CRM and Quality, and user tools for business processes. These applications help customers effectively and efficiently automate and streamline their essential business functions, inspiring them to focus on their core, revenue-generating activities, deliver value to their own customers, and grow.



Jerry Czernel, VP of Operations



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