Customized Equipment Systems that Meet Performance Goals Advanced Air Technologies Manufactures a complete line of air pollution control systems for most industrial applications. Since we engineer, design and build our equipment, we guarantee that our units will meet or exceed your performance requirements, and your required government regulations. Our air pollution control systems are customized to meet specific application and performance goals. Over the past 25 years, AAT has built a unique reputation for supplying air pollution scrubbers that address hazardous compounds and applications. We welcome the difficult and hazardous air pollution control applications that competitors may avoid. Our entire staff is dedicated to the process of quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Advanced Air Technologies, Inc. (AAT) provides a complete line of standard and custom air pollution control systems. Since our incorporation in 1987, we’ve made it our priority to engineer, design, and build quality air pollution control equipment. Our team creates units that consistently meet or exceed customer requirements and required government regulations. AAT’s superior Air Scrubber systems are ideal for most industrial applications, including metal finishing, odor control, breweries, chlorine systems, and food processing. The types of air scrubbers that we manufacture include: Acid Gas Air Scrubbers Air Scrubbers Ammonia Air Scrubbers Fume Scrubbers Emergency Air Scrubbers Exhaust Air Scrubbers Ethylene Oxide Air Scrubbers Acid Gas Air Scrubbers Hydrochloric Acid HCl Air Scrubbers Nitrogen Oxide NOx Air Scrubbers Packed Tower Air Scrubbers Particulate Air Scrubbers Venturi Scrubbers Wafer Air Scrubbers Wet Air Scrubbers Advanced Air Scurbber’s Facilitiy in Corunna MichiganAAT has a wide range of experience in many different industries, including: Medical sterilization (EtO) Chemical processing Waste water treatment Odor control Semiconductor Food and fragrance.



Marvin Biondi, Sales Manager