5ME brings a proven suite of capabilities to industry, solely focused on increasing customers’ manufacturing efficiency as a means of building profitable, competitive and sustainable businesses. 5ME addresses five critical components – the five “M’s” of Man, Material, Machines, Methods and Metrics – to improve a manufacturing enterprise’s efficiency (the “E”). 5ME services and products are brand agnostic, allowing solutions to be applied to all types of machinery and manufacturing systems.

5ME solutions include: Cryogenic Machining – Environmentally friendly metal-cutting technology that increases throughput, quality, tool life, and profitability while reducing energy consumption. Manufacturing Software – Suite of software focused on manufacturing efficiency that integrates seamlessly into production assets and business systems to provide full transparency into manufacturing processes such as asset utilization, performance, quality, and OEE, in addition to machine health, process health, and energy consumption. Manufacturing Solutions – Comprehensive portfolio of manufacturing consumables such as tooling, tool holders, and coolants, as well as process technology solutions ranging from process optimization, work-holding/fixture design, clamping and automation, and turnkey systems.



Pete Tecos, Executive Vice President


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