Muskegon, Michigan


ARE YOU A SCOFFLAW? In 1924 The Boston Herald offered $200 to the reader that would come up with the word for someone that “flagrantly ignored the edict, and drank liquor that had been illegally made, or illegally sold,” 25,000 people responded, and two readers came up with the exact same word – Scofflaw In 1920, millions of Americans became lawbreakers overnight. In Michigan, a third alcohol offense was supposed to land you in prision for life, but we remained resolute, and our definance was unmistakeable. To pass a law means nothing, but to enforce a law means everything. At 18th Amendment, we tip or hat to those brave Americans that stood up against an unjust and immoral law. We honor this by offering a true prohibition drinking experience, and we want you to be a part of our Society of Scofflaws.


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Jo Glover
General Manager