Identify Your Biggest Opportunities for Improvement
For Free!

As PTMIM members, most of you are already aware of the great benefits that come along with being a member: you get a company profile page on our website, an official PTMIM certificate and poster to display in your facility, the opportunity to become the Featured Manufacturer of the Week and even the chance to connect with other proud manufacturers around Michigan. But did you know you also have the opportunity to assess your overall business performance – for free?

In an ongoing effort to ensure Michigan manufacturers can compete and prosper, The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center), our parent organization, now offers a free Technology Opportunity Assessment to all Michigan manufacturers. This two-hour assessment, conducted by The Center’s experts, helps small and mid-sized manufacturers identify opportunities for improvement within their facilities, often aided by the adoption of technology – essentially providing a custom roadmap for navigating Industry 4.0. Recommendations for implementation are relevant and affordable, with calculations for Return on Investment (ROI) included to demonstrate how each improvement could positively impact operations.

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The Center’s Technology Opportunity Assessment is just one of the many resources and tools available to help manufacturers transition their operations to the factory of tomorrow through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Industry 4.0 Signature Initiative.

Industry 4.0 will undoubtedly change the way we manufacture not just in Michigan, but around the world. Due to the manufacturing legacy and prowess embedded in our state’s identity, Michigan is positioned to be a leader in Industry 4.0 implementation and advanced manufacturing practices. Recognizing this, the MEDC recently launched its Industry 4.0 Signature Initiative, created in partnership with The Center and Automation Alley, to foster Industry 4.0 preparedness among Michigan manufacturers and ultimately support continued business growth.

Learn more about the Industry 4.0 Signature Initiative here and ask The Center’s experts how they can help your company continue operating successfully and proudly into the future by contacting