Each week, our Proud to Manufacture in Michigan team picks from more than 1,000 member companies to name a Featured Manufacturer of the Week. Our latest winner is the Spiratex Company!

Featured Manufacturer of the Week:
Spiratex Company!


The Spiratex Company doesn’t just specialize in custom work – they are experts in developing custom solutions. Since 1955, the Spiratex Company has established itself as an industry leader in custom thermoplastic extrusions. Offering both ram and screw extrusion capabilities, the Spiratex Company can design and extrude profiles or tubing with virtually any thermoplastic polymer. From design to material selection, their expert engineers partner with customers throughout the process. The Spiratex Company recognizes that they were only successful if their clients are – and they will work hard to ensure that success.

Based in Romulus, Mich., the Spiratex Company has always had a reputation as an innovator and leader in the industry. They pioneered the extrusion process for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW/PE), setting industry standards that are now used in markets around the world. Additionally, they have partnered with various material suppliers to develop and test new extrusion-grade resins, so they know exactly how different materials will perform. The Spiratex Company provides unparalleled attention to detail, exceptional service and industry knowledge to customers.

Employees at the Spiratex Company are just as valued as customers, as the company was founded on the principle that employees should enjoy a feeling of self-esteem and self-respect in their job. The Spiratex Company has upheld this principle for more than 60 years, proudly maintaining above-average employee tenure within the manufacturing industry. In addition to offering competitive wages, tuition reimbursement and an award-winning benefits package, the Spiratex Company also prioritizes safety in their facility – recently earning them an awarded status as an MSHARP participant due to their high safety standards.

Due to their industry leadership and commitment to supporting both customers and employees, the Spiratex Company has been chosen as Proud to Manufacture in Michigan’s latest Featured Manufacturer of the Week!


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