Each week, our Proud to Manufacture in Michigan team picks from more than 1,000 member companies to name a Featured Manufacturer of the Week. Our latest winner is Robinson Industries!

Featured Manufacturer of the Week


Robinson Industries has over 50 years of experience molding plastic parts. As the inventor of the reusable plastic pallet, the women-owned company provides customers the best service by being a trusted supplier and delivering products for the best price.

They turn high-density polyethylene, polypropylene and structural foam into everything from storm drains and ice fishing sleds to drip pans and dozens of different sizes of plastic pallets. Robinson has some of the largest machines in the business of producing molded plastic parts, making them the “go-to-guys” to design, prototype, tool and fabricate the answers to their clients’ needs.

Congratulations Robinson Industries for being PTMIM’s Featured Manufacturer of the Week!


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