Each week, our Proud to Manufacture in Michigan team picks from more than 1,000 member companies to name a Featured Manufacturer of the Week. Our latest winner is Fernco!

Featured Manufacturer of the Week:


Fernco began operating in 1964 out of a Master Plumber’s garage. The company worked closely with wholesale distributors to ensure products were manufactured and delivered quickly to meet customer demand and ultimately grow the business. Today, Fernco continues to manufacture high performance couplings and advanced plumbing and drainage solutions.

Through decades of operation, Fernco has set industry standards for performance, availability and support. Based in Davison, Mich., Fernco also has an international presence in Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Australia to serve global customers. Fernco’s hard-working team cares about the craftsmanship and service put into every order. With decades of injection molding experience, the team offers engineering, prototype and production services with a constantly evolving product line.

In addition to their commitment to customer service and quality, Fernco also is committed to protecting, preserving and enhancing the natural world. As part of this mission, for decades Fernco has implemented cost-efficient programs and practices that reduce their impact on the environment. Through each phase of a product’s lifecycle, Fernco minimizes their environmental footprint.

To support their ongoing growth and improvement, Fernco recently built a new 155,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center in Davison. This larger space has enabled them to focus on additional product development, increase shipping capacity and implement new machines to increase production while decreasing energy consumption.

Due to their industry-leading reputation and environmental awareness, Fernco has been chosen as Proud to Manufacture in Michigan’s latest Featured Manufacturer of the Week!


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