Each week, our Proud to Manufacture in Michigan team picks from more than 1,000 member companies to name a Featured Manufacturer of the Week. Our latest winner is Dr. John’s Healthy Sweets!

Featured Manufacturer of the Week


With a mission to create the healthiest candies in the world, Dr. John’s Healthy Sweets was made for health-conscious candy lovers. With their love for culinary science, they were the first to craft a delicious sugar-free lollipop and have since broadened their horizons by creating other candies with all-natural ingredients, fortified nutrients and is tooth-friendly.

As the number one candy recommended by dentists, Dr. John’s is a feel good, guilt-free treat everyone can enjoy. Making them even better, a portion of every purchase supports charities that promote children’s health!

Congratulations to Dr. John’s for being PTMIM’s Featured Manufacturer of the Week!


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